Windows 10 Home Will Allow Users To Stop Updates For A While

Microsoft made an announcement about Windows 10 in the year 2014 (September) and made it available to common people by launching it in the year 2015(July). It works way better than the earlier versions of Windows in plenty of ways. For instance, Windows 10 has better working abilities and the incorporation of Cortana which helps the operating system to work better than earlier. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which was released in the year 2016 (August) created some modification to the Start Menu. It even launched searching extension in Edge and made Cortana available immediately on the desktop itself.

 The company told that it is going to update Windows 10 instead of launching a new one.

Earlier, only Windows 10 Professional users could have stopped Windows updates for a while but that is going to get changed soon. Windows 10 Home users shall be able to prevent updates for a week.

This will be coming for all at the next launching part of Windows 10. It will be approximately coming around April this year. Paul Thurrott is the first one to observe this modification, and this is a thing MS didn’t specify in any of its Windows-related posts.

There is a restriction!

  • Users can stop updates for a while only for a week at once. It can be done by just visiting Settings>Update and Security>Winjdows Update. Now,’Pause Updates for 7 days’ option is present and is working on Windows 10 Home.

Read the points mentioned below carefully.

  1. Note that Windows 10 will not install any updates whenever it stops for a while. However, the user can again start updates-  only when the seven days gets expired or just if they press ‘Resume Updates’ keys-Windows will automatically see for updates and download them.
  2. This is not the method to reject updates forever. This can only deny them for a week at once, and then the user needs to do updates. It will make the mood better because the user can finally inform Windows not to bother about updates for some specific period. If the user is very busy in work or attending any function with their family, then they can take a break from updates for 7 days. This means a lot for the user.

People who use Windows 10 Professional will have the capability to stop updates for 35 days rather than only seven days. It also has a section of ‘delay features and quality updates’. The best part is that the people working on Windows 10 home also got a lot of authority over updates.

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