5 Digital Marketing Tips for Startups

Founding a startup is a long and trying process, so if you’ve got your business up and running, congratulations! You’re already on the road to success. However, the work definitely doesn’t stop here. One of the first things you’ll be looking to do to get your startup off the ground is perfect your digital marketing.

But, digital marketing is a complex thing – it seems every business has something different that works for them, and there are a huge variety of techniques you can employ in your strategy. If you’re looking for some tips to get you started, you’re in the right place. Below are 5 things you can do to get your digital marketing strategy off the ground.

1. Know Your Ideal Customer

One way to make digital marketing so much easier, as well as bring clarity to planning your digital marketing strategy, is to create an ideal customer profile. This is a profile of the customer whose interests lie within your niche, who’s passionate about what your startup is doing, and who will follow your sales funnel to the end. Rather than marketing to the billions of people who use the internet, marketing to the select few who are much more likely to convert will save you time and money. This information will also help you when choosing where to place ads and what keywords to claim.

2. Create a Conversation

One surefire way to get people engaging with your online content and add visibility to your business is to start a conversation. This is a great digital marketing tip if you’ve decided to focus your marketing efforts on your social media. By asking questions on your stories or in photo captions, you can up your engagement and receive user feedback in real-time. However, you can also start conversations on your site’s blog or with email marketing. Remember, for it to be a conversation both parties must communicate, so make sure to reply to all DMs and comments you receive.

3. Perfect Your Web Design

Web design is a huge part of your digital marketing, because not only is it a marketing tool in itself, all your other marketing will lead here. Your site needs to help visitors form a personal connection to your product or service, and it also needs to sell, sell, sell that product or service. In general, all text on your site, including that in images and video, needs to be search engine optimised. You should have a landing page that leads directly to a sales page, an about page, a page with your contact information, and a blog that posts helpful answers to FAQs in your niche. Work with web designers in Barnsley to perfect your website.

4. Pay Attention to Your Data

Data is by far the best way to see which marketing strategies are working for your startup. Be it visits, time spent on your site, or conversion, you can hone in on areas that need work, and keep focussing on what’s working. For example, if you get a lot of visits on your site’s homepage, but aren’t seeing purchases or subscriptions, you know you need to work on the layout of your homepage and the call to action. Regular analysis of your marketing strategy and a willingness to change what isn’t working so well will be a huge help in refining your strategy and achieving your goals.

5. Try Them All, Focus on a Few

There are thousands of digital marketing techniques out there from SEO to email marketing to social media giveaways, all with unique benefits and drawbacks. The digital marketing strategies that work for you in the early days of your startup, might hinder you once you’ve begun to gain traction. It may be a long process, but one of the best and only ways to find out which online marketing works for startups is to try them out. Once you’ve found the ones that work, focus on them until the numbers start to wane.

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