How to Find the Best Hand Held Juicers

The market for handheld juicers exploded in the last few years, with a variety of models marketed for different budgets. If you’re considering buying one, you’ll want to do your research on what’s out there and what will work best for your specific needs. We put together this in-depth guide on how to find the best hand-held juicer, so you can make an informed decision about which model is right for you.

1. Know your needs

Before you go shopping for a handheld juicer, you’ll want to know what your needs are. Is juicing something that you do often or are you planning on juicing occasionally? Once you figure out what your needs are, it will be easier to select the best handheld juicer. There are juicers for juice only and juicers for juicing during a workout or for juicing wheatgrass.

2. What materials should it be made of?

How durable is the juicer you are looking at? It should be made of stainless steel to be able to withstand a lot of wear. Then you want to find out how heavy the parts are and how much it weighs. If something is too heavy, then it’ll make doing your workout more difficult. The last thing you need is to have a bulky piece of equipment add more weight than you can handle. So, make sure that it’s lightweight and runs smoothly.

3. What is the maximum amount of produce you can get out at once?

Another important factor to consider is the maximum amount of produce that you want to get out at one time. The more produce it can handle, the better. You should also take into consideration how much noise it makes while grinding up the fruits and vegetables.

4. What kind of warranty is included?

Make sure the juicer you are looking at offers a decent warranty period. It should be at least 1 year so you are protected against any manufacturing defects. The product should also come with friendly customer service, so if anything goes wrong, they can help you fix it as soon as possible. Before you make your final decision, make sure to read what others have written about the product in terms of quality, durability, and usability.

5. Does it have any safety features?

You should also make sure that the juicer features safety features such as a manual on/off switch, cord wrap or brush to clean off all product residue and an insulated chopping bowl for easier cleanup. A wholesale supplier of hand-held juicers can help you find a model that meets all your needs.


Juicing is a great way to have a healthy and refreshing drink on a hot day. It’s also a fun way to add more fresh vegetables and fruit to your diet. However, juicing is not easy to do at home without some help. Having the right equipment can make your juices more nutritious and delicious. So, finding the best hand held juicers can be a real blessing.

By Robert Melendez

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