Learning About the Common Factors of QR Codes

Today’s technological development is terrific. Hence, these digital advancements have become part of people’s life since it made life easier. One good example of this is the utilization of QR (Quick Response) codes. This two-dimensional(2D) bar code differs from NFC (Near Field Communication) business cards. This hypermedia is functional to easily access online information by scanning it on a tablet, laptop, personal computer (PC), or smartphone. Some of the most common benefits this program offers are:

Storing Multiple Data

It is one of the most useful software many take advantage of since apart from easily getting information, this high-tech creation can also store numerous data. This is feasible because of the multiple fields powered by a Dynamic QR code solution.

Simplified Digital Payment

Like custom NFC tags, a QR code also applies to a much more facilitated cashless payment, available to smartphones and Apple devices. It is possible because it has an encryption of a user’s information in a payment application or bank app. The encoded data is why it is possible to make a cashless payment. Moreover, individuals do not need to share personal information such as account numbers.

Enhanced Security

Security is one of the common factors that a person is conscious of. This is only normal, considering QR codes are applicable for sharing online information and cashless payment. With this encrypted 2D code, it is much safer to share data and cost since it is only a tool utilized for exchanging information.

Free of Charge

One of the most fundamental features of this software is it is free. There is an available website online that can generate one. However, if an individual wants to customize it with their company logo or any additional attributes, they must pay$10 up to $50 monthly.

The good news is that QR codes are not the only tool a person can use for all these situations. NFC Tags are also useful in it. Nonetheless, what makes it different from the former 2D code people are familiar with?

Read and find out in the infographic below created and designed by NFC Tagify to learn about the similarities and differences between QR Codes and NFC business cards:

QR Codes Versus NFC Tags

By Taveras Moore

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