What Makes a Digital Business Card Important?

There are several popular digital business card solutions available online. One is the NFC (near-field communication) business cards that multiple people utilize. This card shares information using NFC technology. A person will only encode limited information using NFC tags, in contrast to QR codes and URL-based digital cards. Other NFC-chip types have different features and storage capacities. The NTAG216 tag has the highest capability at 888 bytes, which is much more ideal for business cards.

Although an individual may be limited by size, they can still encrypt basic information and provide a URL to their online portfolio or website. Sharing this information is seamless, as the other party needs to tap their NFC card or tag to see the entrepreneur’s business card. They can save the software for future reference once they have an NFC-enabled phone.

With all the various digital business card determinations, what made such software essential to businesses?

An Integrated Software

Digital business cards are more than a static lineup with contact information. This type of card can incorporate multimedia, such as videos or animations, and enables users to include as many specifications as they like. There is no space limitation.


Another benefit this card has is its flexibility over paper business cards. This software authorizes people to add links to their social media profiles, website URLs, QR codes, NFC tags, phone numbers, and more. The user only needs to find the right software for the task, and their card is ready. Furthermore, digital business cards are contactless, meaning people can share their contact information, social media handles, and coupons with only a few taps.


Its environmentally friendly attribute made it extra advantageous. Individuals can edit and customize them as often as needed since they are not printed on paper. Additionally, they are much cheaper than bulk cardstock printing.


Its interchangeability made it valuable to numerous enterprises. The card’s information modification on the screen is easy. There is no need to go through the hassle of estimating the board’s height and width before printing all the business cards. The hassle of reprinting an entire batch is no longer necessary if any amendments are made.

To engross more about the digital business card’s significance and meaning, continue reading the infographic below established by NFC Tagify:

What are Digital Business Cards and Why You Should Have One

By Richard McDonnell

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