Few Factors That Favour Samut Prakan for a Right Location for Warehouse or Factory

The location of a company’s warehouse can have a significant impact on how productive, efficient, and profitable the business is. Buying or leasing a warehouse is a big decision, and choosing the right location can significantly improve a business’s potential to compete and offer consumers with excellent service.

It is crucial to take your time when choosing a site, think about each of the factors, make some notes, and then match your notes with all of your possibilities. The final decision should not be made until all the data has been gathered and examined.

Thai Industrial Property can offer you a suitable warehouse and factory for rent Samut Prakan (โกดังให้เช่า สมุทรปราการ, term in Thai). The following are the reasons why Samut Prakan is always considered as favourable location for a factory.

  1. Pivotal logistical centre

One of the most important components of all kinds of operations and factories is logistics. So, choosing a site that is logistically feasible can help to cut down on time and money expenditures and boost operational productivity.

Warehouses and industries for various types of transportation can be found in Samut Prakan, which is a key position.

  1. Availability of optimal sources of suppliers

As a province with a high concentration of industrial facilities, Samut Prakan is home to a number of factories, logistical providers, and suppliers of raw materials who could become your partners, customers, and clients.

Establishing a factory in Samut Prakan is quite convenient due to its strong economy, high purchasing power, and industrial history.

  1. Located near EEC

Samut Prakan is lying between Bangkok and the EEC (Eastern Economic Corridor), Thailand’s special economic and industrial region.

  1. Nearby Bangkok

Samut Prakan is a significant metropolis that is close to Bangkok, so the government has substantially invested in infrastructure, particularly in expressways, major roads, and Skytrain.

Therefore, Samut Prakan and Bangkok are connected by a number of expressways, and getting there only takes 30 to 45 minutes. A BTS Skytrain also makes it simple and quick to access the city.

  1. No flooding area

People frequently think about Thailand’s biggest floods in 2011 while discussing flooding in the country. Numerous other provinces in the central area, including Bangkok, had also been severely impacted by the floods.

The drainage system in this province is however first-rate.

  1. Thailand’s foremost transportation hub

Samut Prakan Province has an extensive air, marine, and land transportation network. Businesses may readily transfer their materials and goods from Suvarnabhumi Airport’s position to a number of important expressways.

  1. The economic centre of the country

The Samut Prakan Province region offers enormous business potential. Numerous businesses invest in large-scale initiatives in this region because of its robust economy. Businesses can gain a lot from effective transportation infrastructures.

  1. Many industrial estates and warehouses

Due to the numerous benefits, we listed, both the government and investors decided to establish industrial estates in this region. Some of these initiatives rank among Thailand’s most important industrial initiatives.

The multiple factories in this area demonstrate why so many businesses choose to locate their factories and warehouses here.

Please spend some time carefully considering which location is most advantageous for you and your clients. The effects of this choice go far beyond simply constructing a factory elsewhere.

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